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About us

What guarantees does Global Exchange offer me? How can I contact the Moroccan customer service?

Online money orders

Can I reserve money online? Is the exchange rate I will get on the website the same as the exchange rate at the airport?

Currency exchange at the office

Where can I exchange currency in Morocco with Global Exchange? What are the opening hours of your bureaux de change? What currencies do you accept in your establishments? Do you charge commission for exchanging currency with you? What methods of payment do you accept at your offices? Do you accept debit/credit cards for transactions? Do you accept travellers cheques at your currency exchange offices? How does the discount I received when I exchanged my currency work?  What happens if I receive a counterfeit banknote? What happens if I perceive an error and I am already far away from one of the Global Exchange bureaux? Is it allowed to leave Morocco with dirhams?


Can I get Iberia Plus Avios by exchanging my currency with Global Exchange? I showed my Iberia Plus card when exchanging currency with you, but I don't see the points on my statement, why is that? I didn't have my Iberia Plus card with me when I exchanged currency with you, how can I get those points back?

Globalcard dirham prepaid card

What is the Globalcard for? Can I leave my Globalcard with someone? Do I have to link my Globalcard to a bank account? How can I top up my Globalcard?

Work with us

Where can I consult your job offers in Morocco? Where can I send my resume?

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