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Legal notice

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Legal Notice

This Legal Notice establishes the conditions of use of the Website:  www.global-exchange.com/en/web/reservasma (hereinafter the Website). The use of the same attributes the condition of User to the navigator, which implies adherence to and commitment to comply with each and every one of the conditions contained in this Legal Notice, in the version published at the time of accessing the same, for which reason the User is recommended to read this Legal Notice carefully each time he/she accesses the Web Page. These Conditions shall be applicable regardless of the existence of other specific conditions applicable to certain services provided on the Web Page. 

Service Provider's identification data


Address: Lotissement la colline,N°31, 3 eme etage,N°21 Lotissement la colline,N°31, 3 eme etage,N°21,sidi Maarouf.

Tax Identification Number: 230249.

Registered in the Commercial Register of Casablanca.

Contact: Global Exchange welcomes in advance any suggestions, corrections or comments that will help to avoid or rectify any type of incident or irregularity on the Website as quickly and efficiently as possible. uch communications may be sent by Customer Service Contact Form.

Terms and Conditions of Use

The terms and conditions contained in this Legal Notice shall apply to all those pages that appear within the Site Map, which are the only ones included in this Web Page.

Access to this Website is the sole responsibility of the Users and implies acceptance of these terms and conditions of use. The use of certain services will also imply the acceptance, without reservation, of the particular rules or instructions that Global Exchange may establish at any time with a specific, substitutive or complementary character to the present general conditions.

The User must make lawful use of this Website and its services in accordance with the present terms and conditions of use and the current legislation.

Global Exchange may unilaterally modify the terms and conditions of use of this Website by publishing them in this legal notice, and they will take effect from the moment of their publication.


Even having adopted the technical measures available to it, Global Exchange is not responsible for and does not guarantee that access to the Website will be uninterrupted or error free. Nor does Global Exchange make any representations or warranties that the content or software that may be accessed through the Website is error-free or will not cause damage. In no event shall Global Exchange be liable for any loss, damage or harm of any kind arising from accessing and browsing the Website, including, but not limited to, loss, damage or harm caused to computer systems or caused by the introduction of viruses.

Global Exchange is not responsible for any damage that may be caused to the Users by an inappropriate use of the Website. In particular, it shall not be liable in any way for any telecommunications failures, interruptions, faults or defects that may occur while the User is browsing the Website.


Global Exchange makes every effort to avoid any error in the contents that may appear on the Website.

Global Exchange does not guarantee, nor is it responsible for any consequences that may arise from errors in the contents that may appear on the Website.

News and changes to the website.

The information appearing on the Website is current as of the date of its last update. Global Exchange is not responsible for the topicality and suitability of the information contained therein.

The User may not alter, change, modify or adapt the Website. Global Exchange reserves the right to carry out as many updates, changes and modifications as it deems appropriate, being able to make use of this right at any time and without prior notice.

Blog and Opinion Forums

The messages, comments, data or opinions expressed in the Blog or opinion forums that may be enabled on the Website are stored as they are, for the sole purpose for which they are intended, which is to inform, give opinions and serve as contact between Users. Global Exchange is not responsible for and does not identify itself with the comments or opinions expressed in the forums by any User.

Interventions in the Blog or in the forums with references to racist or sexist topics will not be admitted, nor will any intervention that derives in personal aspects, either by means of insults, comments, non-constructive criticism or mere allusions that may infringe the right to privacy of the Users of this website or of persons or entities outside of it. Any User may report the existence of this type of intervention by informing us at Customer Service Contact Form.

It is not allowed to use the Blog or forum for spamming, off-topic advertising, collecting e-mail addresses or any kind of illegal action.

The responsibility for the information and activities carried out in the forum are exclusively the User's, exempting Global Exchange from any liability arising from the same if they are illegal or injure property or rights of a third party. Global Exchange reserves the right to cancel, cancel, delete any comment or deny access to any User who violates these rules or is illegal. However, Global Exchange is not responsible for any information or comments posted by Users.

When Global Exchange has effective knowledge that the activity or information stored is illicit or that it harms goods or rights of a third party, it will remove it immediately.

It is forbidden to reproduce the contents of the Blog or opinion forum without prior authorisation.

Intellectual and Industrial Property.

This Website, its source code and contents (images, signs, etc.) are the property of Global Exchange. Users accessing this Website may not therefore copy, modify, distribute, transmit, reproduce, publish, transfer or sell the aforementioned elements or create new products or services derived from the information obtained without the express written authorisation of Global Exchange.

In the event that you submit information of any kind to Global Exchange, you represent, warrant and agree that you have the right to do so freely, that such information does not infringe any intellectual property, trademark, patent, trade secret, or other third party right, that such information is not confidential, and that such information is not harmful to any third party.


The Website may incorporate access links (hyperlinks) to other websites of which Global Exchange is not the owner. Under no circumstances does this possibility imply the existence of a relationship between Global Exchange and the owner of the website to which the hyperlink redirects, or even its approval or acceptance. Global Exchange will not be responsible for the legality of the contents of the same.

Any other website is prohibited from incorporating a hyperlink to the Global Exchange website without its express authorisation. In any case, such authorisation shall imply that the hyperlink is not made in a way that damages the public and brand image of Global Exchange or of the Website itself, as well as of the third parties that appear referenced therein.

Global Exchange will remove any link as soon as it becomes aware by any means of the unlawfulness of its content or that the contents of such links harm the property or rights of a third party.

Website Privacy Policy.

For more information about our data protection and privacy policy, please see our Privacy Policy.

Use of Cookies

The use of cookies is necessary for the use of our website. Cookies are used for the purpose of facilitating browsing and offering a personalised and more agile service, as well as a statistical tool to obtain statistical data on the use of the website. Under no circumstances are they used to store information that can identify the User. For further information, please consult our Cookies Policy



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